How Long Will It Take to Replace My Gutters?

Homeowners who need new gutters often ask how long the entire process will take. While the installation process itself only takes several hours for an average-sized home, one has to consider other variables like design, consultation and manufacture. In today’s post, the gutter and roof replacement contractors at Lankford Roofing & Construction LLC take a look at the factors that contribute to the timeline of a gutter replacement project. […]

June 29, 2023|Gutters|

Why DIY Gutter Installation Is Never Worth It

Your gutters are crucial in protecting your home, which is why proper installation is essential. While a DIY gutter installation might seem tempting and cost-effective, there are better options. This blog post explores the risks associated with do-it-yourself gutter installations and explains why leaving it to the professionals is the safest and most beneficial choice for you and your home. […]

April 26, 2023|Gutters|

3 Warning Signs Your Gutters Are Coming Loose

Gutters work to keep your home safe and intact by directing rainwater away to where it can’t do any harm. But they won’t be able to do this crucial job if they’re pulling away from the roofline. The telltale signs of this particular issue are easy enough to spot. You know your gutters are already coming loose if:  […]

September 15, 2022|Gutters|

3 Signs of Imminent Gutter Failure

Your gutters, while not as prominent as your roofing system, are one of the most important parts of your home. In fact, they protect your roof, siding, foundation and landscaping from water damage. However, there will come a time when they will fail due to natural deterioration. As such, it’s important not to hold off gutter repairs, and call on your local gutter and roof repair contractors for assistance. Here are the signs of the imminent signs of gutter failure.  […]

December 8, 2021|Gutters|

Gutter Installation Q & A: What to Ask Your Installer

A new gutter installation seems like a straightforward project, but as with most home upgrades, you’ll want to make sure you have every base covered. If you want to learn more about the project, don’t hesitate to ask your gutter installer. Here are some of the questions you should ask. […]

December 24, 2020|Gutters|

What Are the Pros of Installing a Gutter Protection System?

Gutters are crucial to your home’s protection against water damage. However, when they get clogged, rainwater can overflow to your home and back up to the roof. One way to prevent clogging in this part of your home is by installing a gutter protection system.   […]

June 12, 2020|Gutters|

4 Tips on Keeping Your Gutters in Good Shape All Year Long

Did you know that gutters can be exposed to more than 1,900 gallons of water in a single rainstorm? This is why your home needs a reliable set of gutters all year round. In this blog, the roof replacement contractors at Lankford Roofing & Construction LLC share tips on how to keep your gutters in good shape all year long. […]

December 3, 2019|Gutters|


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