Replacing your home’s roof is essential to maintaining your property’s value and ensuring it stays well-protected from the elements. Unfortunately, even with a new roof, some homeowners may still experience issues such as roof stains. This blog post by your local roof repair contractors in Sherman, TX, will discuss these and how to get rid of them so you can keep your home looking its best. 

Roof Stains: What They Are and How to Get Rid of Them

What Are Roof Stains? 

Roof stains typically occur when algae, mildew or other organisms grow on the surface of the shingles due to excessive moisture exposure. These organisms can cause unsightly discoloration or staining.

The most common types include black streaks due to algae, white patches caused by mineral deposits and yellowish-green splotches caused by moss. It’s vital to note that while these stains can be unsightly, they don’t necessarily pose any structural risk, however, they should still be addressed if you wish to maintain the appearance of your home.  

How to Identify Roof Stains 

Identifying whether or not you have a stain on your roof is relatively easy. Professional roofing contractors say it’s easy to spot discolored patches from ground level. This is true when there are large swaths across multiple rows of shingles on one side only. If necessary, you can also use binoculars for closer inspection or climb onto a ladder for better visibility, depending on where the stain is located. This way, it’ll be easier for you to identify which type it is and take action accordingly. 

How to Prevent Roof Stains With Regular Roof Maintenance

Regular maintenance is the best way to avoid having roof stains develop in the first place. This includes cleaning off debris regularly, inspecting areas prone to water accumulation and trimming tree branches overhanging onto roofs.

Additionally, regular inspections performed twice yearly can help you detect potential issues before they become major costly problems like rotting wood caused by dampness seeping into attic spaces. Taking proactive steps as early as possible can help you save time and money so remember to schedule those inspections!  

Removing Roof Stains 

When removing existing roof stains, the kind of stain will determine which removal method is best. The most common removal methods include pressure washing, chemical cleaning and painting.

Pressure washing is often used for black streaks caused by algae. It involves using high-pressure water to remove the organic material without damaging the shingles.

Chemical cleaning products also work great but should be used cautiously as they can cause discoloration if misapplied or used in large quantities.

Painting over stains is also an option if you wish to mask their appearance. However, this is only sometimes recommended as it can lead to further issues, such as trapped moisture beneath paint layers, causing rot and decay. 

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