Our roofing system is one of the most significant investments we’ll ever make for our home since it completes the home’s look while keeping us safe and comfortable against the elements. As such, you’d want your roof to be in great condition for it to perform optimally all year round. To do that, however, you may need to replace the underlayment during your next roof replacement.

Why Should You Replace Old Underlayment

How Important Is the Roofing Underlayment?

Your shingles protect your home against harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays and other elements, but gaps still exist on your roof. This means that it can be infiltrated by debris, water and other elements. Your roofing underlayment protects your home’s foundation against curling and rotting by providing it stability and acting as a second layer of protection. However, the underlayment needs to be installed by a certified roofer so as to maximize its effectiveness and that it’s installed properly.

Why Replace Your Old Underlayment?

When hiring roofing contractors to work on your roofing underlayment, make sure that they don’t cut corners when it comes to this process. Some contractors decide to leave the old felt or underlayment on the roof and place a new one over it. What they should be doing instead is removing the existing underlayment and installing a new one. Laying a new one over the old can cause issues because it can hide underlying issues, such as rotting wood or mold and mildew growth. Not to mention that this makes it difficult for your contractors to inspect your roof. Also, roofing manufacturers require one new layer of felt, so doing this can actually void your warranty if you don’t follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

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